Woodlands Retirement Community Is It Possible For My Mother To Get Her Husbands Retirement Money After He Died?

Is it possible for my mother to get her husbands retirement money after he died? - woodlands retirement community

My mother, who lives in Poland would receive $ 100 per month in welfare. She worked on a traffic control tower at an airport in Warsaw as radiotelegraphist. That's when Poland was a communist country. My father had the same occupation.
In 1966, when my father went to Sweden, my mother lost her job because the Communist Party thought that they could send secret information about her husband, who in another country. He has lived in Sweden, but travels the world.They were legally married. My parents never divorced.
My father had a second family. A woman and two children in Sweden. I do not know if legally married. Then he went to his second family. He spent his last 7 years with another woman and died 20th June 2007.He was buried in Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, Sweden.
My question is: Is it possible that the pension my mother worked for the company of my father, where?


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