Mesa Boogie Preamp Mesa Boogie/fender Amp Question.?

Mesa boogie/fender amp question.? - mesa boogie preamp

I am a big fan of the Mesa Boogie amp. I love double and triple rectifier amp. There is no SAP best guitarist in my opinion. The question is, are the tables on hot-rodded Fender based ... basically a hot rodded twice with a killer precursor. A table accuarately new to the sounds of a Fender Twin? Much of the classic rock I like the saturation on the basis of the double .. and .. I was just curious to know that the Bureau 6L6 used instead of the Marshall el38 or so .. and gives a different tone piping hot.

Soundbites .. anyone know?


all-knowing "1" said...

You can change the tubes of the series Recto, and should therefore back on prejudices. I realized I knew almost all the sounds you want to carefully adjust amplifier amazing for it! I loved the "flop" configuration, orange channel for lighter work, as you describe it, but simply do not have reverb, so it might not sound like the defense in this context.

xRaCeRx said...

I'm sure you can get a similar sound to ... I regret the use of Marshall amp, so I really do not know

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