Implantation Bleeding At 5 Weeks I Bled 5 Days After Intercourse, Does It Mean It Is Implantation Bleeding? And That I Could Be Pregnant?

I bled 5 days after intercourse, does it mean it is implantation bleeding? and that i could be pregnant? - implantation bleeding at 5 weeks

I am 36 years old with PCOS. My times have been arrested since last year, so I have no idea when they ovulate. Bled 5 days after intercourse. And I'm sure it's not my cousin was on the day after menstruation. I have never bled when I am bleeding during sex, either urinate.I. I do not know if it's implantation bleeding. Does this mean that the sperm was implanted in the uterus? You think you might be pregnant? What is the first time that I can say with certainty if I am pregnant? What are the chances of me pregnant? The implementation would mean that I understand the bleeding?


meg said...

In general, the implantation bleeding occurs after ovulation 7-14 would be about the time of their tenure. Implantation bleeding is light pink and usually lasts no longer than one day. Wait about a week or two, and try to take a pregnancy test. The bleeding is caused by the burial of the embryo in the uterus. Good luck.

justme said...

Find a Doctor

sassy said...

Oh, darling, is the first, what to do, call your gynecologist. Evil could be many problems. Cysts, tumors of the ovary problem. I never expect to meet. I was 18 when I was a ovarian cancer and 21 for the 2 Time. I had all the bleeding is a sign that something is wrong. Please do not panic, because you go to the DR

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