Casino Hotel Las Resort Vegas Whats Your Favorite Las Vegas Hotel/casino?

Whats your favorite Las Vegas hotel/casino? - casino hotel las resort vegas

... And why?

I'm fifteen and I want an architect and designer have ideas for a hotel / casino in Las Vegas and would welcome the views of people in the resorts that currently exist. Thank you!

PS: What do you think the name "Desert Diamond", as the name of the sender?


sixteens... said...

Desert Diamond is a bit long.
I live in Las Vegas, my favorite is Rio (each room is a suite) Las Palmas (is a hot spot), the Bellagio (very clean and chic), the MGM, the big clubs, large swaths Server (loose) The Hard Rock (great atmosphere, good for single-session)
Those who do not like Luxor, horrible room in the corners.
The Imperial Palace, very poor
Hope this helps, best wishes to you and follow your dream!

donna said...

Stratosphere! I was in Las Vegas and that's where we were ...... I loved it! so high and you can see everything around him and goes at the beginning were so cool. and a reasonable price. Restaurants in the souvenir shops. I like the best! Donna PS I like the desert named Diamond! Good luck in your career as an architect / developer .... You can do anything we remember to be!

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