Ice Cream Brownie Bars Every Once In A While I Get Hungry For A Brownie. Why Can't I Find This In An Ice Cream That's Not Chocolate.?

Every once in a while I get hungry for a brownie. Why can't I find this in an ice cream that's not chocolate.? - ice cream brownie bars

I like a bar of chocolate from time to time (hey, everyone has their weakness .. lol) but I can not find a chocolate ice cream is not has in him. Once I saw the bar, Pillsbury brownie with vanilla ice cream was and is "party" today.
I find a brand in a supermarket, which was not chocolate, I too heavy for my taste. Finish collecting pieces of brownie, then discard the ice. I prefer to enjoy the chocolate ice cream.
Is there a store brand, it means? I have Ben & Jerry's, part good, but the chocolate brownie and vanilla and chocolate is too sweet or too thick for the moment. I think it needs to buy an ice cream with vanilla in any part of any grocery store. Has anyone seen, all that they can recommend? We do not like all the flavor of chocolate ice cream. Also, only a half-liter is good. If you are in a liter, is even better that I do not want too much like one gallons 1 / 2 session.


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