Electrical Outlet Tests Okay But Does Not Work What Is The Type Of Electrical Meter To Test If A 220 Outlet Is Functional?

What is the type of electrical meter to test if a 220 outlet is functional? - electrical outlet tests okay but does not work

My dryer suddenly stopped working and I have some electrical problems in the house ... but I have no idea if the dryer is in itself, which is broken or if the leave to. I checked the fuse and it is very good.


WC said...

If you can see if it can be the current flowing into the electrical outlet 220 V, on a local DIY store and get a neon simple electrical tester for a few dollars to what job. If you have something better to be a good Milliameter Volt Ohm (VOM), which costs about $ 25 - $ 30 Radio Shack. You can stress testing, resistance testing, continuity test, etc.

twainy said...

A cheaper way to do that is get a portable device like a hair dryer and plug it into an outlet that well you know. Then connect it to a suspect. If it works, is not bad.

loomis said...

If you check the voltage on the container, make sure both legs trying to go (2 holes each container 110 volts) must be the container to be 3 or 4 holes. If you have 3 proof of both which are oriented in the same manner and must be read 220V. Sometimes, power switch on one side and only 110 (each leg supplies 110V, with 2 legs and ends with 220). If a leg has the power, you should start instead of switches to (follow) the manufacturer of the switch and current.

PS: If you have 4 holes, you only need 2 110 meters, the third is neutral and is on 4 floors.

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