Confident Dental Chair Question For Those In The Dental Field About Instrumentation..?

Question for those in the dental field about instrumentation..? - confident dental chair

Currently I am in my first year of dental school and I find the type of instrumentation difficult. Assessment stage and stuff, but I'm confident with my knowledge of. Other students picked up quickly and feel good about their skills so while I'm happy for them, frustrated me. My question is, you have time to become familiar with their abilities, and it takes some time to collect the appropriate adaptation and, where support and spin and all?


jamrdh70 said...

Yeah, sure I was a long time to feel comfortable with the instrumentation. Finally, try to sit you in the right position, make sure that the patient's situation is good, seeking the light at the right place to look in the mirror and put his hands on the right place. In addition, you will find the right instrument and get money and good investment when you consider assessments.

Come as you have more time to the clinic. Do not compare yourself with your classmates. As a clinical professor, I see the strengths and weaknesses of my students and understand that everyone is different. Your partner may feel safer in measurement, but not very well in the class or ability of patients who can not, of course Excel. To learn the basics and you now have a solid foundation for your future career.

Good luck and hard work!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist

CDA~NY said...

Practice, practice, practice!

Of course, take some time to set the appropriate expertise, because it took some time to use a fork and a spoon ....

It juuuuuuust great!

~ Good luck!


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