Long Term Care Florida Choosing A Retail Pharmacy As A Pharmacist?

Choosing a retail pharmacy as a pharmacist? - long term care florida

Pharmacists are here, who deliver on their experiences working for large chains to comment? Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Publix (Florida), Target, etc.?

I'm trying to make a choice, I have to work on a specific period of public pharmacy to obtain a license, but my specialty is the long-term care. Thank you guys.


jloertsc... said...

Walgreen's better paid than most. But not everyone. I work for one of the competition (the name) who pays the most. Unfortunately for you, not Florida.

Do not worry friend. It makes you at soon as possible. Pharmacy Coming to get you!

csi7472 said...

I'm not a pharmacist, but I was a Walgreen store manager of 15 years. From my experience, I think Walgreens has Truley level benefit of higher wages and better long-term. His only problem is that Walgreens is their best customers, so try to be open more hours than the competitors. Mainly because they have more pharmacists. If you go into a labor market for pharmacists is the drugstore chain is short, require much work. If what you want, that's OK. Usually other companies in addition to the lack of Walgreens pharmacist. Walgreens also possibley could contribute to this position.

Amy R said...

I was previously a pharmacy technician in a distribution chain ... I worked with the pharmaceutical industry seems to be very satisfied with the work. With a range of retail, less personal responsibility as much as ever, the company began insurancing issues, etc. The calendar set by the chain of trade, so it means more work can be held by private pharmacists. Most retailers have internship places available, I would say that everything you have the channel you are considering, talk to the pharmacist's pharmacy manager and discuss your options! Good luck to you!

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