Itchy Blister On Bum I Think I Have Impetigo?

I think i have Impetigo? - itchy blister on bum

I am not sure but thought it was impetigo. What started as a place to a large scab and now I'm a little smaller patches on my body. Well, I wouldnt say they have spots and looks like if you miss a bubble. Had a bit of my ass and now I have Serveral itching and pain. I am gong to call my family doctor in the morning, but I just wanted to know if a home remedy to help until I go into the documentation. I have no cream or anything. thankyou


FreeYour... said...

Well, first of all, this guy is an idiot ^ ^ ^ There are many different types of impetigo, and many opportunities to home care.

If you have any Neutrogena, cortisone, what is normally a condition of the skin.

It is a bacterial infection, so you want to be exposed, are not covered, and to fight for some again.

The Surgeon General, he will prescribe a particular drug. But for tonight, give him a bath hydrgoen peroxide, then add the Goop, press the bag, a good night

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