Ho To Remove Silicon Help With Chemistry Extra Credit (play On Chem. Words) 10pts.?

Help with chemistry extra credit (play on chem. words) 10pts.? - ho to remove silicon

Hello, I'm desperate for extra credit, but that's just damn annoying!

The statements made below are puns (NY) puzzle. Each answer is either in chemistry or the name of the listed items.

1. Person there, which the ticket to traffic court.
2. What does a funeral home.
3. Cheaper than the current rate
4. The guy who raises cows in Texas
5. Goofy Aunt Katherine
6. The parrot is dead
7. How can animals away
8. Which horse should not be the case going through the water
9. What is the night, light and the lights go out
10. A really "push" thing
11. What most of conferences
13. Mr. and Mrs. Crow
14. The exterior of the Ox
15. Prisoners who u0026lt nitrous oxide \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ smelled;br> 16 Trojan soldier, who fought only in the night
17. How can we on one, his stomach is removed

Answers: B (boron), Ba (barium), Cu (copper), Eu (Europium), Fe (iron), Hg (mercury), Ho (holmium) N (nitrogen) No (Nobelium) Lead (Pb) Ra (Radio) Si (silicon)-catalyst chromium nitrate polygon water-electrolyte-silica

All answers will be used.

I would be grateful if you could help. They have them all, so you know. (:
Thank you.



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