.cat Drinking Water Fountains Battery Operated Can Cat Water Fountains Electrocute Or Hurt My Cat?

Can Cat Water Fountains electrocute or hurt my cat? - .cat drinking water fountains battery operated

I want to buy my kitty Harvie Drinkwell Water Source ... either the 360 or platinum, but when I was in the Amazon, I saw that a critique of their cat had died of electric shock and his ... It was during a storm .... But do you think it might mean Harvie made at any time? I havent seen a lot of sources to ... May the wounded, a cat, too? My Harvie like to drink in the bathtub faucet and it cost us a small fortune in the water ... Sometimes when playing for a while because we're busy doing something else .. Another thing that concerns me is that drinking tap water from the tub ... and our old tricks ... One apartment we live Please help me whether it will be able to get one or something else that would help to take a bath watst. Please help!


Café Mocha Valencia said...

The only possibility is that if a) serious problems with electricity in your house or happening, b) you are using a fountain with a botched repair damaged or umbilical cord.

Drinkwell not mine - I have a Petmate a - and it's great. The love of a cat, and we definitely drink lots of water, as if it were only in bowls. I just had to add water every two days and fully discharge once a week since I began a large teddy Newf / Lab dog and the hair to clog the filter. In addition, it works very well, is quiet and safe recommended.

One thing you notice - if you are on weekends or legal guardian pet, please remember to add more water or pull it and go withBowl regularly. I forgot to tell my neighbor about it and Petsitting motor could be burned because it was almost completely dry.

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