Bodybuilding Increased Creatinine Levels What Drives Women To Take Up Professional Bodybuilding? Isn't This Akin To Men Trying Their Hardest To?

What drives women to take up professional bodybuilding? Isn't this akin to men trying their hardest to? - bodybuilding increased creatinine levels

feminize their bodies by the increasing development of the breasts and curves in a certain way?

Since the club to reduce fat and the production of testosterone, female bodybuilders are not dilute their femininity? Are they still able to get children? At least still look like women figure competitors ....
Of course you can do what they want, women can do to control what they want to do. Your thoughts on this very small PC


Belinda said...

Yes, yes, maybe, so I mostly agree.

I believe that taking the full truth about women bodybuilders who take steroids are in the denial of their femininity. Likely than young women who identify with the children much more than other girls. Then, as signs of puberty, they would be ashamed to be weaker than men and breasts, times, etc. So go into denial, a woman and try to compensate by developing their muscles and strength training.

Can they still have children? Perhaps - you can be a lot of steroids and use a woman in full - see Marion Jones, for example, had a few children.

realist ARROW said...

many sports and other forms of physical labor in the results list masculineness body to a certain extent .... Clock swimmers, soccer players, runners, etc.

feminize the body, and the growth curves is not a sport that puts food on the table, but .... Bodybuilding requires you to lose muscle and fat

Fat is bad ..... not muscular

SweetTar... said...

Some women simply like the challenge of being so strong and muscular as possible ..

It is like any other sport, to win hard work and competition, and that the best candidate!

I do not think it has to do with femininity and body image problems for most bodybuilders .. do

heathere... said...

This is a competition like a beauty contest. Female Bodybuilders wax hair all over his body and the use of tanning gas that does not feminize. And many of them children. When I was younger, I saw an episode of Ricki Lake, where they made fun of female bodybuilders who was on the stage and called ugly and make fun of them. Never saw that show once.

:) said...

Sincerely, havent runway. I'll just think they can just enjoy and not to appear less feminine. Perhaps they are unimportant. I refer to go so far as it should not. But hey, they love their request.

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