Wedding Anniversary Greeting Messages I Never Got A Greeting Card From My Husband?

I never got a greeting card from my husband? - wedding anniversary greeting messages

I know that my husband I was never a card (I'm talking Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, when we met, birthday). I spoke with him, and he said he was not before. I remember a time when she saw her things together and that he and his original cards, letters and pictures exchanged. I felt so bad, they do not do these things for me. I always try to make every opportunity. I have a cake and dinner for birthday.I got his card, gifts and things. If it. I feel so deeply about the reasons for doing these things for me.
This is not really a big problem, but that's normal. I'm not complaining because I KNW he is angry. Well, I think there is nothing to complain about. It makes me want to do anything for her birthday.


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