What Does An Ohio Drivers License Look Like Drivers License Suspended?

Drivers license suspended? - what does an ohio drivers license look like

I have a ticket in Ohio, 8-11-09 to 80 in one go 55. I turned 18 on 8-30-09. Then I had the date of the hearing today (9-24-09) to the juvenile court. The judge suspended driving a pleasure for me for 30 days ... Before the hearing date, and after turning 18, I had my license for my bike Yamaha R1. My license is suspended. You have my driving license card in court, but I still have the motorcycle license ID (which looks like license). Just wondering ...


Nightrid... said...

Unfortunately, all the privileges of driving in this kind of action is suspended. Although he actually acquiring the authorization on the computer, it will show the suspension.

The best advice, not only the unity of 30 days. If you are in a vehicle during this time caught, they are worse.

Good luck and I hope it is useful

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