Fishstick South Park Why Is The Kanye West/South Park Joke So Popular?

Why is the Kanye West/South Park joke so popular? - fishstick south park

What was the meaning of gayfish / Joke he fish sticks?


Instant Karma! said...

Because it is not even a good episode, the joke is very lame. South Park is old and runs from ideas of what happened, my favorite show The Simpsons.

latj said...

People are envious enemies is ridiculous because Kanye is a very talented rapper, singer, producer and writer, and designer clothes .. We know that everything has an ego problem, but if none of us had the talent we have, we have had a problem of size also only needs to keep his control.
The joke makes no sense and is dumb. Instead I just get a brother to him.
Peace, Love and Happiness

Talib Fiasco eLZhi>Taco Bell said...

His sense of just a stupid joke that the children think is cool, as repeated filling of the interior, links to videos, unless you already know. I am so f * cking tired.

Toney Starks (Back up) said...

I found it all very amusing, but as something fun to use and abuse all the time. I like the new season of South Park (the episode Pirates Gold) was

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