Kidney Treatment More Condition_symptoms Mr. Hodges, A 73-year-old Man, Has Had Congestive Heart Failure For?

Mr. Hodges, a 73-year-old man, has had congestive heart failure for? - kidney treatment more condition_symptoms

Mr. Hodges, 73, had heart failure in the last 5 years. His doctor has told you that your heart do not function well, the medicine they need more and more to maintain cardiovascular function. He understood that this is not urinate more than once per day.
5. Why the state of the kidneys Mr. Hodges affects the rest of your body?
6. In its development of chronic renal failure, what experience other signs and symptoms, your respiratory, digestive, urinary and nervous?
7. What is the origin of diseases of the kidney Mr. Hodges?
8. What are the possible treatment options and prognosis?


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